innovation unleashed

The White House Hotline

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) using Salesforce Cloud, Knowledge, and Chatter

Status Query and Response Exchange System Development

Using Salesforce Communities and MuleSoft to combat Veteran homelessness


A 24-hour turnaround using Salesforce to launch a coordination portal

Boosting Quality Improvement with QuITT 2.0

Quality Improvement Tracking Tool (QuITT) Optimization

  • A first ever national platform for sharing improvement work within the VHA.
  • How can institutional learning be facilitated using the power of Salesforce and Nintex?

Agile Makes Salesforce Sprint

VA Integrated Enterprise Workflow Solution (VIEWS) Salesforce Development

  • 1500+ managers handle correspondence and complaints from millions of VA customers.
  • How could the VA create a single pathway for all communications to enhance customer experience?

Data Integration Enhances Enterprise Intelligence

Business Intelligence Services Line (BISL) Support Services

  • Consolidating 4 regional data centers into a single-location one-stop shop.
  • How can unified access to clinical, administrative, and financial data VA-wide be quick, easy, and accurate?

COTS in the Cloud Leads to Enterprise SOPs

Veterans Affairs Centralized Adjudication Background Investigations System

  • One system. 2 million profiles. 240,000 background investigations.
  • How can the VA ensure rapid and thorough background checks to protect the safety and privacy of Veterans, employees, and volunteers?

The Cloud Makes Travel Reimbursement Cashless

Beneficiary Travel Self-Service System (BTS3) Software Development

  • Over $450M in travel reimbursement. 13+ million claims. 1.5 million beneficiaries. Things like mileage reimbursement should be simple.
  • How could the VA streamline processing, secure management, and deliver a successful customer experience across 26 systems?

Streamlined Operations Impart Stability

Health Product Support (HPS) Tier 3 Support Services: Clinical

  • 150,000 VA clinicians. 65 clinical applications. 1 million veterans.
  • How could the VA standardize processes, procedures, and oversight for a network of this scale?

Digital Solutions Provide Better Mental Health Services

Suicide High Risk Patient Enhancements (SHRPE)

  • Mental healthcare is neither a simple matter nor an easy healthcare concern to improve.
  • How can patient-centered care improve health outcomes for high risk patients?

Integrated Registries Platform Provides Better Outcomes

Veteran Integrated Registries Platform (VIRP) Development

  • Connecting individual health registry communities requires focusing on many variables.
  • How can registry integration improve patient care?

VPS Kiosks Provide Better Service for Veteran Patients

Veterans Point of Service (VPS) Performance Management and Control (PM&C) Services, Thermal Paper Support, and National Security Operations Center (NSOC) Remediation Hardware for Kiosks

  • Maintaining VPS kiosks often requires on-site visits to determine underperformance issues.
  • How can Liberty help streamline functionality?

SQUARES Quickly Expands the Reach of the SSVF Program

Status Query and Response Exchange System (SQUARES) Development

  • Housing resources need access to Veteran information to determine a person’s Veteran status and eligibility.
  • How can Liberty help make that information more accessible?