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What is Accessibility?

Accessibility refers to ensuring that access to information is available to the widest possible audience including users with disabilities who use assistive technologies to interact with Electronic Information Technology.

Accessibility Features of the Website

As a Prime federal government contractor, Liberty IT Solutions supports accessibility for all audiences and is in the process of making fully Section 508 compliant. The site currently provides:

  • A direct link to the main section of each page (Skip Navigation Link) for those using Screen Readers so that users can jump directly to specific sections of a page. This feature is referred to as a navigation menu bypass.
  • Images that have alternative text so that a description is provided to visitors who are using screen readers to access information on the page.
  • Cascading style sheets, which allows visitors to disable the formatting provided and apply their own formatting if they choose. Style sheets are disabled within an Internet browser's settings or preferences options.

The latest version of several web browsers allow users to easily increase the font size for better readability. Hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on a Macintosh) and press the + (plus) key. You can also decrease the font size by holding down the Ctrl or Command key and pressing the - (minus) key.

In addition, Liberty also provides a more textual version of the site for assistive technology users which is fully accessible at the following link.