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Liberty IT Solutions is a mission-centric SDVOSB that supports multiple government agencies across a diverse portfolio of Health IT projects. We believe that modernization requires different perspective, capabilities, and organizational dynamic to deliver sustainable Digital Transformation.

We combine specific, powerful private sector perspective and inside-government knowledge to think about problems differently:
  • Understanding the digital landscape to develop open systems that match what successful modern consumer and enterprise software companies choose today
  • Investing in forward-looking modernization technologies
  • Introducing new methodology and techniques to development
  • Attracting experts who can apply interdisciplinary thinking
We have deep expertise in critical transformation areas:
  • Offering solutions that enhance user experience and maximize business efficiency in complex environments
  • Delivering complete solutions and superior software from concept through production
  • Using modern languages and architecture with built-in concurrency
  • Providing a high quality technical team with inside knowledge of federal tools, platforms, and systems
We make and honor a commitment to our customers and end-users:
  • Enabling Federal leaders to implement true modern digital transformation for Veterans, VA Employees, Community Providers, and CMS Beneficiaries
  • Anticipating needs, providing insight, and bringing the right tools to solve each customer’s unique challenge
  • Understanding how the change we create makes a measurable difference in a citizen’s experience of healthcare