Changing Times Call for a Transformation Partner.

Changing Times Call for a Transformation Partner.
Liberty IT Solutions.

Agile Development, Engineered to Scale.

Agile Development, Engineered to Scale.
Our Agile Center of Excellence (ACE) realizes a vision for the next generation of software development.

Secure in What We Do.

Secure in What We Do.
Expert implementation, integration, and sustained operational support on an extensive portfolio of security.

Ready to lead.

Ready to Lead.
With 120+ years of experience and over $1 billion worth of solutions architected, our leadership team is primed for change.

Liberty IT Solutions is an SDVOSB specializing in technology solutions for government healthcare clients.

Since 2013, Liberty IT Solutions has rapidly established a proven record in solution implementation, sustainment, and modernization:

  • Founded Agile Center of Excellence (ACE) in Melbourne, FL
  • Established comprehensive portfolio of high-quality partners
  • Demonstrated full-lifecycle solution delivery across all VA and CMS enterprises
  • Aligned with VHA Healthcare Informatics - Health IT Standards and Clinical Terminology

To be in the business of transformation, we had to comprehensively transform our business.

Built for change.


The call for transformation is greater and faster than ever before. Successful change is grounded in experience, so we invested in next-level leadership.


Insider experience navigates change. Commercial expertise drives innovation. Clinical informatics experts promote optimal technology use in clinical practice.


Our client engagement model and Agile development process allow us to address real-time feedback of each client and program.


Process design and investments in emerging technologies enable us to deliver superior structural value from concept through production.

Beyond just software development, we know how to navigate change.
We have the ideas, experience and people to deliver. On time, every time.

The Liberty IT Solutions leadership team has proven experience in architecture and delivery of large, meaningful Federal Health IT projects.

Next-Level Leadership. For Next-Generation Solutions.

Bill Greene
Bill Greene
President and CEO

15 years Health IT services, product development, and operations; founder Patriot Technologies.

Chris Bickell
Chris Bickell
General Manager

16 years leadership and strategic planning. Focused experience in VA software and IT modernization.

Luke Hannon
Luke Hannon
EVP, Technology & Solutions

30 years of critical IT experience for VA, extensive work with IDIQs and large enterprise programs.

Keven LeBlanc
Keven LeBlanc
SVP, HR & Administration

15 years federal program management; $160M annual portfolio average of VA and CMS Programs.

Joseph White
Joseph White
VP, Finance

15+ years of experience working as financial manager, controller and CFO in the Health IT industry.

Jeff Denniston
Jeff Denniston

15 years Health IT marketing and sales. Experienced partner to VA, CMS, DHA, and HHS.

Mark Merz
Mark Merz
VP, Government Programs

17 years IT management, enterprise infrastructure modernization, and agile development experience.

Scott Hanawalt
Scott Hanawalt
VP, Strategy & Consulting

20 years of sales, marketing, and commercial leadership experience on major healthcare brands.

Steve Gosewehr
Steve Gosewehr
Chief Security Officer

16 years IT management and software development; managed VA Enterprise Operations IT Security Program.

Antonia Edwards
Antonia Edwards
Veteran Outreach Officer

10 years active duty; 1st Army Major; Community Outreach and Relations Specialist.

Donna Mastin
Donna Mastin
Director T4NG PMO

25 years leading large enterprise programs for VA; extensive IT management and support experience.

Insider knowledge of Federal Health IT tools, platforms, and systems. Outsider expertise in commercial healthcare, technology and user-centric design. Subject matter experts that define and align healthcare standards and terminology with care delivery and user-centric design.

A Team for Transformational Change.

Healthcare Solution Architects

Transforming Federal Health IT is a complex mission. Our architects know how to navigate business processes, semantic interoperability, and systems integration to deliver the next generation of mobile, intelligent, and effective healthcare experiences.

Development Engineers

We know lines of code can change lives. So our technical team is committed to engineering solutions that make a difference – across agencies, platforms, technologies, and development environments.

Federal & Veteran Colleagues

Liberty IT Solutions understands the complexity of the Federal Healthcare landscape and can help you navigate it. As a SDVOSB, we hire and develop the best talent while promoting and building skills of our Veteran community.

Program Managers

Liberty IT Solutions specializes in management of large development and integration projects. Our team has successfully managed national programs requiring custom development, systems integration, business process reengineering, and infrastructure management.

Security Professionals

Our highly skilled Security team has direct experience leading operational security initiatives at enterprise operations and network security operation centers as well as cyber security and product development organizations.

ACE Logo Group ACE Logo Group

Intelligent, Adaptive Engineering.
For Sustainable Change.

Our Agile Center of Excellence is committed to delivering value through pre-release software quality and accelerated deployment.

100% Agile certified workforce located in Melbourne, FL integrates our core technology capabilities with our next generation Agile development processes.

Refined requirements and backlog management along with rapid prototyping ensure consistent stakeholder alignment.

Test driven development provides clients with expedited access to quality applications.

Continuous Integration detects deficiencies early in development leading to easier resolution.

Deep functional expertise and scrum team collaboration amplify the effectiveness of delivery operations.

Experts in key development platforms including Java, MUMPS, HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails as well as other mission-critical technology areas.

Invested in Transformational Technologies of Tomorrow

Transformational Technologies

Transformational Technologies

From solution architecture to full lifecycle systems development, Liberty has the capabilities to advance Federal Health IT.

Full Lifecycle Innovation, Built to Scale.

Full Lifecycle Innovation

Full Lifecycle Innovation

Let's Build Better Healthcare.

We seek to partner with organizations + individuals to create a seamless, unified team that can deliver meaningful change. How can we help you advance your agenda? What would you transform?